Boundaries: The Only Way To Stay Sane In Motherhood & Life

Here is a way to figure out what your healthy boundaries are in motherhood and how to use them to create family rules that work.

We like to think of our energy, moods, mental health, and emotions like fountains.

We take for granted that our well-being has a continuous reservoir from which to draw. It seems like we should be able to keep moving, shaking, and going like a fountain. The water keeps going up then down and in and out and it’s never empty. It’s a 24 hour self-replenishing system that brings nourishment or enjoyment to others.

We imagine ourselves like this.

That feels beautiful and encouraging and uplifting. But I’ve found that we’re much less like fountains, and much more like something a lot more mundane. Boring. And finite.

I think our well-being and “okay-ness” (as I like to refer to it) are much more like bank accounts than fountains.  

Bank accounts reflect what you put in, they don’t fill themselves. 

Bank accounts have money to spend, but when the money runs out, they are empty. 

And, when you spend money that isn’t there, bank accounts become overdrawn. 

This is how the mom life is…

We don’t check our balances, we stop depositing into our account, and keep spending money (and ourselves) like we got an invisible Sugar Daddy.

Then we’re surprised and upset when we crash and burn. We don’t know what our emotional bank balance is… so we overdraw. The funds aren’t there, but we keep acting like they are.

➡️ So what keeps us from writing checks we can’t cash? Knowing (and living within) our boundaries and limits.

Without being mindful of your limits, it’s like you’re spending $21 on Reese’s when you only had $5.36 in the bank. You’re overdrawn and now you’ve got a deficit. 

When you are overdrawn (yet keep drawing) what happens? Your bank attaches fees to these transactions. You end up paying EXTRA for these overdrafts.

⭐It’s like committing to an activity or responsibility you don’t have the lifespace for. You have no energy to do this well and the “fees” are bitterness, resentment, and exhaustion.

So that brings us to the obvious question…

healthy boundaries in motherhood

Luckily, what you are going to do here is figure out what your boundaries are, NOT try to create some that seem reasonable.

You don’t need to create boundaries because they are already inside you. Sure, you may need to create habits and routines that help you stay within your boundaries, but your boundaries are already there.

Before we go much further, let’s address what we actually mean by boundaries. I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately in my Language of Listening® group as we explore boundaries with kids. But before we even go there… we need to know our own. 

For the purposes of this post, boundaries are:
  • Routines, habits, and limits that (when respected and kept) guard our hearts (alla Prov. 4, in my opinion)
  • Deep beliefs about what is Okay and what is Not Okay
  • Likes and dislikes
  • Preferences that are (more or less) unchanging
  • Points at which you hit a “wall” and start behaving in ways you don’t like
  • Lines and limits that – when held firm – contribute to feelings of safety and well-being

A boundary says, “I can spend up to X amount of dollars before I am overdrawn and start collecting fees. Once we’re over that limit, I’ve got to somehow replenish my funds and make a plan for the future to stay within them.” 

Note: You don’t need to try and make a list of boundaries all at once. You’ll notice they will start becoming obvious to you now that they’re on your radar!

healthy boundaries in motherhood

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Your Boundaries: Deep Beliefs

What we believe deep down about things is very powerful.

It affects every aspect of our lives.

If you believe that family is the most important thing in this world then you will behave accordingly. You’ll sacrifice other pursuits and focus on your family. You’ll spend more money for the family than for anything else.

You’ll also probably not like if individual family members try to do their own thing too often, because this goes against your deep belief that Family Is The Most Important Thing.

If this is you, then prioritizing family is a boundary. 

healthy boundaries

How This Looks In Real Life

You have 3 kids who are all into sports. Initially, you are cool with this because you value fitness, team building, and challenges. It happened gradually, but now it feels like all you do is pick up and drop off and take kids to practices. You eat out of the car a lot and are often out until late in the evenings. There are few family meals together and the schedule is so packed there is little down time.

You start feeling overwhelmed and resentful about the chauffeur role. Your child asks to go to a friend’s house and you feel almost rejected because – for goodness’ sake – you already barely see him! On the nights everyone is home, they don’t want to eat dinner together at the table and opt to hang out in their rooms a lot.

This makes you angry and defensive.

After all you do for them, they barely have time for you! I could go on, but this illustration shows…

When your real life doesn’t seem to line up with what you believe deep inside, you become unsettled, uneasy, discontent, discouraged, angry, overdrawn, and or lots of other adjectives you don’t want to be described as.

healthy boundaries in motherhood

Your Boundaries: Likes, Dislikes, & Preferences That Are (More Or Less) Unchanging

Many of us naturally ignore what we like and don’t like in favor of what we think we “should” like or not like.

This catches up with us. 

What we like or don’t like aligns closely with what we believe. If we are living in the middle of numerous situations we don’t like we become discouraged. We feel powerless. Worry and anxiety set in.

We fill out gratitude journals until we’re blue in the face and pray that God would deliver us from our circumstances, but we’re still Ill At Ease because we don’t like what’s happening in our life. Or because what we DO like is NOT happening.

You like things neat and tidy, and do not like big messes.

healthy boundaries for moms

How This Looks In Real Life

The kids run around and make messes and at first you do well tidying up behind them. But this gets harder as you have more kids.

You buy that wooden sign that says “Never mind the mess my kids are making memories” so you can try to tame the cleaning beast inside, but it doesn’t work. You start getting moody when they leave toys everywhere. Your husband’s stray socks are all it takes for you to bite his head off.

These messes trigger you to yell, go into fight or flight, or explode.

You literally feel like everyone in the house is taking you for granted and purposefully trying to make you insane with their mess. You are now an *Enraged Cleaner* because even just going from room to room tidying MAKES YOU MAD because you just hate a mess. You are not going to be okay with it.

When you feel like you are forced to live with something you Do Not Like, there is no peace.


Your Boundaries: Points at which you hit a “wall” and start behaving in ways you don’t like

This is the easy way to see that some of your boundaries have been crossed or your limits not honored:

You get Uptight and Out Of Sorts.

It’s that simple.

Think about the things that make you nuts throughout your day. When you find them, you’ll find your likes and dislikes and your boundaries.

healthy boundaries for moms

How This Looks In Real Life

➡️ Your child stays up until 10:30 p.m. each night and you get so annoyed and angry at bedtime.

⭐ Your boundary: you’re not okay with them staying up that late.

➡️ You hate dragging your kids to that weeknight commitment. You complain about it each week and wish it would just be cancelled or gone.

⭐ Your boundary: you want this time to be your own and you actually don’t like this commitment, but feel like you “shouldn’t” quit.

➡️ You yell at your kids because you’ve told them 5 times to come back to the table and they’ve ignored you.

⭐ You are 0% okay with the kids not listening to you.

healthy boundaries for moms

So now we’ve done the hard work…

By this point, you are getting a better understanding of what your boundaries are. They are about what helps keep you okay. Sane. Not overwhelmed. Without intense feelings of anxiety and worry.

Boundaries are what help you carry out Proverbs 4:23 which says, “Guard your heart above all else, for it is the wellspring of life.” 

On the next post, I’ll go into how to actually hold your boundaries! Stay tuned.


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